Essential Disciplines

Essential Disciplines™ has been intentionally designed to apply to and empower men, women, couples, and teens in various settings or cultures. The design encourages easy and consistent interface among the diversified sectors of marriage, family, business, and education.

Essential Disciplines™ equips participants with the practical understanding and potential (immediate) mastery of five disciplines; essential for the one’s “necessary practices” resulting in personal and interpersonal success. Couples (or individuals) will receive hands-on training, proven techniques, and skill development within the following areas: character, communication, conflict resolution, continual improvement, and one’s calling.


  • Define and understand the importance of the five disciplines
  • Develop a life-long approach to becoming a person of high character
  • Learn and practice highly effective communication skills strategies
  • Learn and practice highly effective conflict resolution strategies
  • Exercise strategies for continual personal and/or relational enhancement
  • Develop and outline short and long-term strategies for accomplishing personal, couple and/or familial goals.

essential disciplines workbook materials

From the Essential Disciplines Workbook and training materials

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