Kingdom Communications

Inherent in the Word of God is the power to perform itself when we apply it.

We most often think of communication as what we say, but what can also be as impactful is how we say it, and even what we don’t say.

Kingdom Communications is all about applying His truths, His thoughts, and His ways to every situation. Because everything we say has either a positive or negative effect, we need to understand the potential impact of what we say. The power of life (and death) is in the tongue — the rudder that can turn a ship. It is through these practices that we attain abundance not only in our relationships but in our lives as well.

This program will help you set the course for better relationships, result in improved inter-personal skills, and propel you into a new level of living life beyond limits.

Topics included in this program are:

The Kingdom of God

  • Staying Above the Live
  • Characteristics of citizens of this kingdom
  • Behaviors of these citizens
  • Weapons/principles
  • The strategic plan of the God

The World system

  • Characteristics of citizens of the world
  • Behaviors of these citizens
  • Weapons/principles
  • Strategic plans from the world system
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