Marriage Empowerment

When something precious is allowed to become ordinary, it becomes replaceable.

So often this applies to our marriages. Over time, we become distracted, we become complacent, we stop valuing what we have, we begin to take each other for granted and gradually, we allow our marriage to become ordinary.

Marriage Empowerment is based on the principle that when one wins, you both win. This life-infusing program teaches that in all things, when we make intentional efforts and practice and apply the tenets of Marriage Empowerment, we will indeed experience an extraordinary marriage.

Topics included in this program are:

  • Guidelines for healthy communication
  • Building a hedge around your marriage
  • Developing a win-win framework and strategies for your marriage
  • Types of companionship in marriage
  • Fun ideas for at home and inexpensive dates

Marriage Minute

At Home Dates

  1. Spread a blanket on the floor and have a picnic. Throw on a log if you have a fireplace.
  2. Pop some popcorn and watch old movies or sitcoms
  3. Take turns doing karaoke
  4. Play a board game
  5. Put candles on the table and serve dinner on fine china
  6. Play Charades
  7. Make a funny couple or family CD or DVD
  8. Take turns finishing a puzzle together
  9. Make cookies together
  10. Read each other a story
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