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Dr. Diana Morgan is a professional who exercises extraordinary competence and skill. I wholehearted and highly recommend her, for I have been a recipient of her wisdom.
Dr. La Fayette Scales
Pastor, Rhema Christian Center

“Dr. Diana is a favorite regular contributor to the “Drenda” program (as seen on ABC Family and Daystar) with her keen knowledge, vast experience and insightful delivery. She is a powerful speaker and wise family therapist who knows the importance of the synergy between spiritual and natural principles for success, and she shares them with zeal and passion.”
Drenda Keesee
Co-Pastor, Faith Life Church
Host, The Drenda Show on ABC Family and Daystar Television

I found it a pleasure to work with Dr. Diana Morgan. She worked collaboratively, yet knew when it was time to take the reigns to move the project forward. I found her to be an insightful, thought-provoking, detail-oriented and highly knowledgeable contributor to the team. Her dedication to the initiative and commitment to deliver top quality output made a world of difference. She is not only an excellent resource, but also a strong leader. If the opportunity presented itself to work with her again, I wouldn’t hesitate to do so.

Doug, Former Executive Director of the Columbus Marriage Coalition

PLEASE except this letter as an enthusiastic endorsement.
I’m delighted to endorse Dr. Diana Morgan and deeply appreciative of your incomparable professional and personal commitment that provide a means of long term trust with friends and clients.

I commend you for your many years of hard work, loyalty, persistence and vision that you’ve displayed in resolving problems and standing behind families in our community who seek positive resolutions to their problems. You’re a person who is always tackling situations head on among our Christian families and take steps in ensuring their unique needs are met.

What sets her apart and what I’m so impressed with is her company. I hope anyone who is struggling with wide variety of family issues will seek out her services.

Dr. Morgan has an exemplary record and she is worth getting to know. I’m especially grateful that you have chosen to pursue to deliver your gift to our community in a manner that is tangible and convenient for families to receive creative insight and solutions.

You Represent God and Your Community Well!

Toni Kleckley, Th.D

“Dr. Diana Morgan is not only a minister of the Word of God, she is also a very passionate minister to married couples and families across various social economic, cultural diverse and multi-ethnic communities…”
Daniel B. Harris
Rhema Christian Center

Dr. Diana is a compassionate, empathetic, and insightful professional. She possesses a panoramic, inclusive point of view that empowers others to make well-informed decisions.  She is also a skillful, reflective facilitator who provides others with the needed tools to become their own champion. She is greatly respected by people from all walks of life.
Gwendolyn Walker, Pastor
Light of the World Worship and Celebration Center

We have known Dr. Diana for several years now; she is a pioneer with rich insight for how to care for God’s people. She has not only been a blessing and friend to us but also a valued resource. We share a common passion and that is to minister to the needs of the saints in the area of relationships and marriages. She is a recognized professional in her field and not to mention the Christian community. I would highly recommend anyone who would engage Dr. Morgan in a professional or ministry capacity, she will do you well. She will bring an on time word and wisdom that transforms.
John & Pat Hazelwood, Founders
SKH Ministries

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