Stay Above the Line

Kingdom Strategies for Living Beyond Limits

By Dr. Diana Morgan

Have you ever wondered why things are not always as they seem to be? The world just seems to keep spinning faster and faster, seemingly out of control. Up seems down. Right seems left. Wrong seems right. And the more we try to move forward, the further back we seem to be.

But the good news is that we can take heart from the message on your car’s side-view mirror: “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.”

Stay Above the Line, reveals crucial strategies for daily living in the Kingdom of God. It exposes the enemy’s master plan for your demise using the stronghold of deception. No one is immune. Through the use of illustrations, mediations and practical applications, Dr. Morgan takes readers on a critical journey of truth that will teach you how to shake off those things that are causing you to live upside down. She shows you how to Get Above the Line, then how to Stay Above the Line and live a victorious life without limits!

Amazing, Intriguing, Enlightening, and therefore Life Changing… Judy Jacobs, Conference Speaker, Author, His Song Ministries, Founder
…She paints a picture in the minds of her readers that will stay with them for ages to come. Eric Smith, President, Smith Media Group

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